Frequently Asked Questions

Australia’s innovative CuddleFish™ 3in1 Power-cot

Q. How safe is this cot for my baby?
A. The 3in1 Power Cot is designed to meet as many aspects of the AS/NZS 2172, or standard for "cots for household use", as possible. However, the cot has been rigorously tested at certified testing facilities in Launceston Tasmania to ensure safety for your infant.

Q. How is this cot different from other cots?
A. The 3in1 Power Cot is powered to allow the sleeping space to move up and down by remote control. Although it was originally designed for parents in wheelchairs, it will also make caring for infants easier for those with back impediments or issues bending while accessing the cot.

Q. Does the cot come in different colours?
A. Currently the cots are painted in gloss white, as we are only initially starting up. Ultimately our aim is to offer a choice of colours.

Q. How long will the back-up battery last in a power outage?
A. The optional lithium ion back-up battery when fully charged will carry out 10 complete lift and lower cycles. The battery simply plugs into the controller box underneath and is charged as well as maintained by the controller for use during power outages. (Please note that this is not supplied as standard and is an optional extra).

Q. How easy is it to disassemble and reassemble the cot?
A. Initially your 3in1 Power Cot is delivered un-assembled and will arrive in several boxes. It is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble the cot. We will supply a link to an instructional assembly video containing detailed and easy-to-follow instructions, you can complete the assembly process yourself with an additional helper. It's relatively easy to disassemble and reassemble the cot from then on.
Q. What are the purchasing terms and how long will we have to wait?
A. We require a 50% deposit to secure your purchase and begin the process based on your order requirements. Generally, we will aim to have enough stock on hand for fast shipment, however please allow up to 4 weeks from place of order for dispatch. We will then advise when your order is ready to ship where we ask for the final 50% payment to be made. Upon receiving your final payment, your order will be shipped within two business days. All tracking consignment details will also be forwarded to you to monitor the freight progress.

Q. How can we justify the price for the cot?
A. The 3in1 Power Cot has been designed and manufactured to a high standard of workmanship using quality materials therefore not only maximising the benefit to your family, but also after the cot is no longer required retaining resale value. 

Q. How secure is your website regarding payment?
A. We are an Australian company and we bank with an Australian Banking institute. We request all payments to be carried out as an Electronic Funds Transfer, this way all payments are traceable through your banking system and you are covered by Australian Consumer Law. 
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